Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the font package?

We’ll send a download link to your registered email address with instructions on how to install the Skribble Mono package.

When will I receive my copy of Skribble Mono?

The font will be released on September 1, 2021. We’ll send you an email with a download link and full instructions on how to install the Skribble Mono package.

How do I install my fonts?

Skribble Mono is compatible with several platforms. The installation instructions are included with the downloaded font.

To install the font, you can follow the quick guides below:

How do I activate ligatures?


  • Open the settings with Command-, on macOS or Ctrl-, on Windows.

  • To activate ligatures add:

    "editor.fontLigatures": true,
  • To activate alternate characters add:

    "editor.fontLigatures": "'aalt' on",
  • To combine ligatures and alternate characters add:

    "editor.fontLigatures": "'aalt' on, ''liga' on",

What platforms does the Skribble Mono support?

Currently, the Skribble Mono supports the following platforms:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web

All platforms where fonts can be installed should be supported.

Only fonts with a commercial license can be used on the web as a webfont.

What are my payment options?

Payment is processed by Stripe Payment System and supports the following payment methods:

  • We accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Wallets
  • Bank debits and transfers
  • Bank redirects

Can I upgrade my font license to include additional users?

Yes, absolutely! Contact us at

Can I use it for an e-book?

With Skribble Mono Ultimate, you’re given one commercial license you can use for any type of commercial project. And yes, it includes using it for your e-book.

The Premium and Deluxe packages are limited to personal use and does not support commercial use.

If you need more information on commercial licenses or just need additional licenses for your commercial projects, please contact us at

Can I purchase a single style font from within a font package?

No, we currently offer Skribble Mono in the Premium package which includes two styles, Regular and Italic.

Is the upcoming Skribble Emoji part of the Skribble Mono packages?

No, Skribble Emoji is offered separately and will be ready for pre-order soon.

How do I send feedback related to the font?

We’d love to hear from you. You can send us an e-mail at

I received the font, but why doesn't it have what I ordered?

We send you an updated pre-release version every time we complete a series of characters ready for release.

Did you find what you were looking for?

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